Alice's Tea Party

I'm Carla. 25 years-old, female, and pansexual, living in Portugal. I'm a fan of Harry Potter, Glee, Dalton, Once Upon a Time, and once in a while fangirl over Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, though most of what I reblog and write is Glee/Dalton/ACITW.


My current OTP is Klaine, with Kurtbastian following closely, but I pretty much ship anything. I ship love tbh.


Usually my blog is filled with Glee related stuff and Dalton spazzing, and ACITW incoherent sobbing mess. Ocasionally I go crazy over Once Upon a Time as well so be warned: there is craziness crawling here.


I don't really give a rat's ass about people's opinion of me, so go ahead and be honest with me as much as you feel like it.


I write like
Kurt Vonnegut

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Posts I Like
People I worship

"Mr. Wright."

"Miss Larson."

"I hope you realize that this is a small truce we are having."

"Yes. One we will maintain as long as your son and mine keep seeing one another."

Marrying, Mr. Wright! There is a difference!”

"Nevermind. I’m sure this occasion will be short lived. I know it took me some time for me to accept my son’s…sexuality, but to find companionship in that kind of person…”

"And what kind of person are you trying to call my son?"

"I’m just saying, my son could so so much better than him!"

"Excuse me? Who the hell do you think you are?"

"Are they at it again?"

"Apparently so."

"Remind me again why we keep on inviting our parents to these ocasions?"

"Because we want to show them we can do crap they failed at."

"I take it that my mother’s hatred towards your father has nothing to do with it?"

"You know I love to piss my father off…"

"Wonder how they’ll react once we tell them about the surrogate mother…"

"Guess we’ll have to tell them at the next family reunion."